Hello, dreamers, today I came to talk about a very important subject: our self-esteem and how we can surrender ourselves to our true selves.

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To begin with, you must understand that for each person there is a different kind of acceptance. I do not know each of you (I would like to know), what happens in your life, or what makes you what you are. But one thing I can say, you're not alone, and at least I believe, everything happens for a reason, being a bad thing or good, if it's happening it's because it will make you grow as a person and improve your self.

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OK let's start!
Insecurity, a word that is present in the lives of many people, and especially many young people. I'm insecure, and it's very disruptive to my life. Every time I want to do something I have to think a thousand times if that is right, or it will work, etc. I wonder if people will talk badly, or if someone will not like it, or if they'll end up saying bad things about me, instead of just doing what I want.
What I have to say is that it's for you to leave this shitty insecurity aside and do whatever you want. You have to think that what you are doing is for you, and stop caring about someone else's opinion, and just do it.

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Self-esteem is very important. Your self esteem has to be always high, I know there will be bad times, where you will be down, but this is normal as long as you know how beautiful you are, how unique your body is, and also know that we are all different. If you were not that way you would not be you. It's simple. You can do what you want with your body as long as you always keep in mind how beautiful it is. I know how hard it is to accept your own body, I lived through it.

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Let me tell you my story: My body has always been very thin, I've always had a very fast metabolism, and I'm still that way. But where I live, the girls usually have a body full of curves, and I never had. And that made me very sick, but when I entered middle school, I matured, and began to love myself, I did not care what others said. I was and still am so confident about my body, my appearance that everyone knows it and they love me for what I am. SO, BE PRIDE OF YOUR BODY, IT IS BEAUTIFUL, OWN LOVE IS GENUINE LOVE, IT IS LOVE THAT COMES FROM THE SOUL.

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That's what I have to say, dreamers! I love you very much! You are beautiful, and I say it from the bottom of my heart and soul.

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I'm very insecure about my voice, but today I decided to get it out of my mind. I posted a cover of a song that I love in Instagram, so if you want to see just follow the link below. * hope I have inspired you to be yourself!* Link: https://www.instagram.com/_laurabudin/

See you soon, dreamers! xX

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