I tried so much to please others. I wanted to be loved. I wanted to be the coolest and funniest girl in the world.
I was drinking - too much - because I was then the most hilarious girl of the party.
I wore miniskirts to please one of my ex-boyfriends. Not me!
I was nice with some people, even knowing they were "vampires".
I agreed to drink coffees with some guys I barely knew because they asked "nicely".
I was unable to say no.
One day, I learned that a girl found me "fun but what else?".
WTF? I was just fun? Nothing more? I couldn't be the type of girl who read Nietzsche?
This day, I realized that no matter how hard you try, you can't please everyone. You'll be always too fat, too skin, too weird, too reasonable, too dumb...
So I put my trousers from the Seventies and my shirts for teenagers on and decided that I was adult enough (for once!) to choose what to wear, how to live, the people I really want to have in my life and... the amount of beers I can handle!