i n t r o
- hii guys! below are a few tips on how to improve your grades!

s e t y o u r s e l f u p
- you should pay attention in class, take notes when the teacher is talking about something important, ask questions when you don´t understand something, and know why you have been getting your current grades and what you can do to improve them.

s t u d y e f f i c i e n t l y
- whenever you have a test or quiz for a class study! it may not be fun but the good grade will be worth it! when you are studying don´t procrastinate (put away your electronics). a good study technique is to review your notes and make a study guide, or use flash cards (really good for definitions).

e x t r a c r e d i t
- by doing this are not only showing responsibility but by doing extra credit will improve your grade.

s t u d y g r o u p
- the people in the group may have notes that you missed or they may have better insight into the teacher´s preferences when it comes to test questions and answers. try to pick a group of people where you will able to focus.

b e o r g a n i z e d
- use a planner. write down when all of your assignments, quizzes, tests and important dates are so that you are prepared and never hand in anything late.

hope this article helped!

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