Hello, beautiful souls of WHI! 🌌
Today I want to share my little tips and tricks with you.

Here's how to seem confident when you actually lack confidence. 💙
  • Body spray/ Perfume/ Eau de perfume

Wear the scent that you love. My favourite body spray always gives me a boost of energy and confidence. Just don't exaggerate on the amount.

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💡 Did you know that people who smell good are often perceived as charming? ✨
  • Style

Wear the clothes you feel most comfortable wearing. And no, you should not go to school wearing pyjamas. 😂 What I mean by that is wearing the types of clothes that fit your style and your body shape, and represent your vibe. If you don't have your style all figured out yet, then wear some accessories you like.

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  • Smile

It's very important to relax. If you're having a conversation with someone that makes you nervous, try to focus on the topic rather than your appearance. Besides, it's probably just you to notice any imperfections. Enjoy the moment, smile, control your breath.

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  • Prepare

If you're nervous because of a big upcoming event, then you should prepare for it. Work hard, study as much as needed and don't give up until you feel ready. 💪

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  • Fake it until you make it

Take example from your idols. What is the thing that makes them so attractive and confident? Practice your confidence. Improve your diction. Learn new words. Study body language! Fake it until you make it! 😊

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