When I was in elementary, many people didn't like me. In fact they despite me, on pre-kinder a lot of the kids would make fun of my appearance. I was fat and chubby, I had a black neck(I'm Hispanic and well I didn't care much of my hygiene). I remember a girl named Brianna. She didn't like me, the only thing I remember is that she was either mocking me or making fun of me. No one helped me when she was torturing me. Everyone just stared at me while I was crying. I hated the looks they gave me, I felt so used, worthless and disgusting. I was always by my own all the way til 6th grade. Sure I had a couple people by my side, but that's because I was really easy to fool around. Anyone could have played my feelings without me knowing. It's been 10 years and I can't over the fact that at one point in my life everyone wanted me dead. I still get hate but, it's not as bad as elementary. People say that I should get over it, the first couple of years of my life was hell and it's still is. Hopefully the people that I call real friends would help me over the past and move on in the present to succeed in the future.