Life can be messy just as life can be good. It can be something some of us hate, or it could be something some of us love. We live day by day trying to make the best out of it. Some of us may ask, "what's the point of being alive if we're all going to die someday?". Well... that's a fact. Although we're all going to die (eventually), we should LIVE. That's the p u r p o s e of being alive, don't you think? We should live our lives to the fullest because even if we live long, time goes by quickly. One day we'll wake up being sixty years old wondering why we didn't do the things we wanted to when we were younger. It's hard to explain, but that's kind of my point here. Life is messy, it is, but it is also beautiful. Life throws 'poopy' situations at us, and they make it hard for us to stay positive, but I see them as tests. It is up to us whether we will fail or pass those tests no matter how big, small, easy, or hard they are. It is up to us to be there for ourselves and say, "You will not bring me down, life! You will NOT make me fail this test!". We have to remind ourselves that it is not the end of the world, or should i say, 'the end of my/your life' when unfortunate things happen to us. Life is n o t supposed to be perfect, but I feel like that is what most of us are aiming for nowadays. It is not... it's not supposed to be all glitter and gold everyday. There will be days when life is dull and cloudy, but we WILL get through!

Xoxo, Jass