Hello everyone, in my last article I announced that I'll be doing a Stranger Things review and even though I'm so ill right now I wanted to upload because I had set myself a goal: to upload weekly articles. If you haven't watched the show, what are you doing, and stop reading this if you don't want to spoil yourself pretty much everything. Anyway, I hope you like this article✭

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Season 1

Season 1 was really good. Will disappears in tin air. Mike, Lucas and Dustin find Eleven. Everybody thinks Joyce is going insane but she's actually right. Barb disappears as well. Mike & rest of crew find out that Eleven has powers. Flashbacks from Eleven's past. The whole upside down-demogorgon thing. It's just amazing! I was freaking out when Mike kissed Eleven, that was so cute! Mileven is so far my favourite ship. I think Eleven's obsession with eggo's is adorable. The only thing that annoyed me is Steve being a jerk.

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Season 2

I LOVE season 2. It completely blew me away, it's so brilliant! First episode at the beginning there's Kali and we see her using powers and everybody is like oh she has same powers as Eleven but NO! Steve became one of my favourite characters, he should had broke up with Nancy earlier, that showed him how life should be lived! And I LOVE when he ''babysittes'' Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Max. Talking about Max, I didn't really liked her at first but later she becomes so cool, I was like YAS QUEEN when she put the syringe in Billy's hand. I feel so sorry for Will because even if they managed to get that thing out of him, he could never be the same again. Mike is SUCH A GOOD FRIEND seriously he CALLED ELEVEN FOR 353 DAYS hopping she's still there, he JUMPED OF A CLIF not to save Dustin's life, but his TEETH. ( sorry for the caps, to exited ). And Eleven comes baaaaaaaaack, that was so cute, litteraly the second thing she said to Dustin is ''teeth'' and Mike's face when he saw her, that's PURE LOVE.

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Favourite quotes

Still pretty?
Yeah, pretty... really pretty.
Mike and Eleven
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She's our friend and she's crazy!
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Friends don't lie.
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If anyone asks where I am, I've left the country.
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Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.
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I hoppe you like this article, if you want to check my other articles there's a link and if you want to check out my Stranger Things collection, it is also linked. Next week I'll write a Divergent book review so stay turned.
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