Stephen Hawking stated that the humanity have around 100 years left from now on. If we go on like this, our Earth will be like Venus in around 100 years. On Venus the air is poisonous and the rain is acid and there are temperatures about 400°C (752°F). There is no chance to develop life on that planet.
How can everyone help with little and easy steps?

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What pops into your mind when somebody says 'Green'? Soft moss, the smell of grass or the sound of leaves in a forest?

Less carbon dioxide

I can't expect from you that you all stop to breath. I mean other things like

  • Factory farming. A lot of people don't know that most of the carbon dioxide doesn't comes from the mode of transport, it comes from factory farming. How can we stop it? We have to buy from local farmers and meat from a factory farm isn't healthy anyways. I always buy my meat and eggs from a local farmer and I can see the animals directly in front of me.
  • For body and environment it's sometimes better to ride more bike or just walk, I know it sounds like a typical cliche and typical argument that comes up in every disscusion about climate change, but even those little things can help. If you don't have the chance to use a bike or not enough time to walk, you can also share a car with friends or colleagues.
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What about 'Red'? The taste of cherries, the smell of roses or the sticky juice of a watermelon?

Use more reusable things

Some examples for reusable things:

  • I personally use jute bags most of the times for groceries. You can use them everytime, they are washable and they decompose after a time.
  • Less plastic trash. Decomposable components are very important, for example a plastic bottle needs around 450 years to decompose. Because their structure is biological stable plastic either needs a lot of time to decompose or it doesn't even decompose.
  • No glitter anymore! It sounds idiotic, but some weeks ago scientist find out that glitter is one of the worst kind of trash. Because of the size of the glitter, we are not able to recycle it, remember, glitter is microplastic and it's so small that it can be consumed by animals. But no need to cry out! Companies found new ways to make glitter which is also vegan.
  • Buy products where you know that they used renewable resources. It already begins with buying milk, mostly the packages are made out of rainforest wood and those are not renewable resources.
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And 'Yellow'? The sourness of lemons, the taste of honey or the humming of the bees?

Use less electricity

  • Things that we do automatically like turning the lights off when we leave a room is already a tiny little step for the environment.
  • Instead of using a drier in the summer you can hang your clothes outside, it gets a good and fresh smell and it dries really fast in the summer. You also save some money for the electricity payment!
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'Blue'. A clear sky, blueberries and the warmth of the ocean.


Ecosia is like Google, it looks nearly the same and you can also do something good by searching things! You got a counter, everytime when you searched 45 things a tree will be planted. There are monthly updates on how they spend their money so you can exactly controll every step they do!

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'White'. The cold fog of the forest or the cold snow in the palm of your hand?
We are all able to change.