A 'cause I'm Allies of Lgbtq
B 'cause I'm Boring of injustices things; oh and 'cause I'm Bisexual
C 'cause I'd love have a little Cat, maybe black and white, but my mum hates pets!
D 'cause it's Dinner time when I'm wraiting and I don't find another words with "D"
E 'cause I'm very very Empathy and Emotional
F 'cause I hate Fals people
G 'cause, when I want, i'm a grabber
H 'cause... Harry Styles, I don't need to say nothing else <3
J 'cause i'm a Joung person (I'm 15)
K 'cause I love j. K. Rowling... and "treat people with Kindness". Oh, and ... Kiwi
I 'cause I love Irish
L 'cause in my language, Italian, moon is "Luna" and I love moonlight; oh, and for Lighhouse... I love it so much!
M 'cause, in Italian, sea is "mare" and sea is my life and one of my first world
N 'cause some of my friends say that I'm a Nagger... but I don't think
O 'cause ... One direction!
P 'cause one of my favourite Italian poet is Sandro Penna; and 'cause I love painting
Q 'cause I can be very Quiet... sometimes
R 'cause Larry Stylinson is Real!!! and.. I love Ruby Rose, she is the most beautiful people in the earth
S 'cause this is the initial name of my best friend and 'cause I love sushi
T 'cause I hate Trump
U 'cause
V 'cause... Why I'm thinking at Harry like an angel of Victoria Secret's? I'm not normal
W 'cause Wow... I'm very stupid sometimes
X 'cause I don't what write
Y 'cause... same
Z 'cause... same