Dogs love to please those they love, even if this involves bending the truth ever so slightly to keep the peace. And if your cover is blown, you Dogs hang on to your new version of events like a juicy bone, digging yourselves further and further into trouble.

On the other hand, however, you hate superficiality or deceit in others. This, combined with your own underlying emotional insecurity, means you guard your feelings closely and are wary of new people. You prefer to stick to your pack and those who have earned your trust.

Dogs are sticklers for issues and are swift to judge those they see as unethical. You will fiercely protect your values and stand your ground against anyone who attacks your beliefs.

Dogs are most compatible with Tigers or Horses.

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According to the Chinese Calendar, the Chinese new year starts from 16th of February 2018 , and is the year of the brown Earth Dog . Let's hope that the year of the dog will bring us health , love and prosperity. More here :