Hello World and welcome to an other article by me.Τhese days I have read many excellent articles about school bullying in We Heart It.According to Wikipedia(link down below) school bullying is a type of bullying that occurs in an educational setting.

Bullying without comprehensive definition,can be physical,verbal or emotional in nature,or it can occur online (cyberbullying).For an act to be considered bullying it must meet certain criteria.This includes hostile intent, imbalance of power,repetition,distress,and provocation.

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But besides that school bullying is even bigger and darker.I think that I can not find the proper words to describe the fear that the unsupported recipients of this tragic phenomenon feel everyday,because I'm not in their pοsition.I really try to understand their feelings,but i can't..I can imagine the fear,but i can't feel it..and of course it isn't the same.

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I generally believe it's better to write about something you know well..that's why I don't intend to write about the negative effects of school bullying on psychology and/or on the body of innocent students who experience it everyday or something similar.

After a lot of thought I decided to write about something that I can approach a little better.

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Let's talk about the ''victimizers''

First of all,i think that we should change that word(the word ''victimizer'') because i don't (personally) believe that this word is appropriate for the character of these children.I am neither a psychologist nor a psychiatrist,but as long as we live in a democratic society,I can easily express my views on this serious issue,which must be of concern to all of us.In my humble view,therefore,the children and teenagers who cause a lot of pain to some of their classmates,are victims too.

I know that perhaps this sounds a bit overwhelming in some of you.I also know that a large percentage of people (and especially the recipients of school bullying) won't accept easily my opinion.And that is totally understandable.However, if you want to know just a few more things about the ''victimizers'',then keep reading this article.

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Why do they cause pain?

Have you ever thought of that?If not,then it's time to start thinking about it.I hope that my list above with the reasons why those people cause pain will be helpful.

1) They are Victims

Well,i didn't choose the word ''victim'' previously randomly.Personally,I believe that a large percentage of these people have experienced similar situations in the past and are well aware of the victim's position. Why do they hurt other people,if they know how bad is victim's position?! I think that they do it because they believe that they will feel a little better if we do that.(but i'm not 100% sure about it to be honest).

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2) Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem can cause many different problems and I believe it is also responsible for increasing school bullying (and bullying in general).Several investigations have shown that the majority of the ''victimizers'' are individuals with low self-esteem who are unaware of their abilities and are on the sidelines.These people are trying to get out of the shadows and become fully accepted by their social environment.Bullying seems to them like an easy and fast way to impress their other classmates. Bullying is the tool they use to gain the recognizability they want and become tougher,louder and stronger.

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3) Family problems

According to many articles I have read on the web and as I have noticed (in my school),the majority of ''bullies'' are people who have a lot of family problems.They usually have no good relations with their parents and the rest of their family and they grow into inappropriate family environment.(I don't think that it's need to say more about that). Because of the anger,the sadness,the rage and the despair that they feel,they become ''bullies'' in order to break out and feel a little better.

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4) School difficulties

I think you have logically realized that the most of the school ''bullies'' have a thing in common.And that's the learning difficulties.Very often their performance in school lessons is moderate or disappointing.Teachers often make some remarks to them,because they want to help them.But the ''bullies'' are in a more difficult position with this way, they are pressed,they feel uncomfortable and unfortunately they show their feelings in the worst possible way..they physically and/or mentally hurt their unprotected classmates.

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~This article has come to an end. At this point,I would like to clarify that I am not trying to defend ''bullies'' or justify their actions. I just want to have objective and multilateral information on important issues like this,but unfortunately (in my opinion at least),you can not easily find quality information in our days.For this reason,I tried to focus more on the ''bullies''(which in some cases are also victims) and not to the victims,as is customary.You also have to know that all rules have their exceptions,and that's why I don't believe that all ''bullies'' have these features I mentioned.

~Furthermore,as far as the victims are concerned, the only thing I can say is: You have a voice,don't be afraid to use it.Speak up.Don't do it tomorrow.Do it today..or basically do it right now.Speak up now.

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~I hope you will agree with me or at least disagree politely about this daily ''scourge'' that is called bullying and causes so much pain.

~I am waiting for your feedback,your suggestions for future articles and your reactions.

Until next time,

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