Hello hearters.
Its been a while .I'm really into fashion and anything that revolves around fashion and cosmetics.
I'm really excited to share few of my favorite online rather Instagram fashion stores that have amazing collections for cheaper prices.

Please Note
1.Some of the websites are restricted to only specific countries
2.Some websites show the currency in($/the regional currency)but ship

So i hope this article helps you find your own personal style.These websites are a reflection of my personal style so ya.Lets get started


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You guys im a sucker for outfits that have prints and plain colors.I absolutely dig outfits that have printed bottoms and plain solid colored tops or whatever with classic statement belts.IF YOU GUYS LIKE THIS STYLE TOO, YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY CHECK OUT @fashioninflux -https://www.instagram.com/fashioninflux/?hl=en ON INSTAGRAM.

2.Fashion Nova

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*Fahion Nova is highly criticised for bad quality,bad fitting.Guys be super super alert and aware of what you're buying.double check the measurements,the material,the size,everything before ordering.

3.Street Style Store(SSS)
Now this store is best known for its offers on shoes and footwear.I would not recommend buying clothes from this store even if they are available at pretty cheap and attractive prices,offers.however their footwear is a must try.They have these offers '3 for 999rs' (Indian Currency).
The only major drawback is i don't really know if this website ships worldwide.

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SheIn,Romwe,Zaful are almost similar websites you can find amazing bottoms,trousers,ruffles,jackets,handbags,jewellery for cheaper prices.
These websites are highly criticized too so you guys be aware of the details before ordering.

Spam Spam gucci, bag, and luxury image fashion, necklace, and style image

Firmoo is a website best known for its glasses.

girl, beauty, and glasses image Temporarily removed

I love saboskirt so much and it hurts my heart because these guys dont ship in India (ARGHH)
Saboskirt is very popular for its swimsuit collection.you guys should definitely check this site out.

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Style nanda is a korean brand.Its style is another level.i absolutely dig each and every item on their website.
It ships globally.Would recommend reading terms and conditions before ordering.

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6.&other stories
&other stories is a tad bit similar to sabo skirt but i don't really love this brand.don't really hate it either.
Im not able to find any pictures from this website so ill link the website below for you guys.

Other websites or stores
7.Stalk Buy Love

I hope you guys enjoyed this article just as much as i enjoyed sharing it with you'all.

"Fashion Can Be Bought. Style One Must Possess."

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