One of my favorite things to do is travel, so here are some of my favorite places that I've visited and loved.


Image by lyw2012 london, city, and Big Ben image amazing, hipster, and england image london, Big Ben, and london eye image
My absolute favorite city ever, I just love everything about it, the culture, the architecture, the history.


paris, light, and france image paris, couple, and travel image paris, louvre, and travel image paris, light, and taxi image
By far the most charming one, Paris has a vibe that makes you want to fall in love.


rome, travel, and italy image travel, italy, and rome image travel, italy, and rome image aesthetic, rome, and antique image
I am half italian so it felt so nice to visit my roots and learn more about it.


milan, travel, and architecture image milan, italia, and italy image city, milan, and architecture image city image
I didn't spend much time in Milan but it was enough to see how magnific it is.


girl, balloons, and disney image disney image mickey mouse, minnie mouse, and photography image disney, photography, and Walt Disney World image
It's most kids dream to go to Disney World and I got to go twice and it was magical, it holds a very special place in my heart.

Washington D.C.

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It was my first international trip, so it's a very special place to me.

Hope you liked it and it gave you some inspiration to plan your next trip
--- m.c.m.