Hello lovely people of WHI!
This article is going to be the first of a series of articles I want to make, about different cities I like and I wish to visit someday.
All of them will start with the "# traveling to" tag, and will contain pictures of each cities, and places you can go there.
Today's one is gonna be about Paris, the city of love.

For so many years I've been wanting to travel to Europe, and visit many of the beautiful countries, full of history that are there. And when I think about this, Paris the capital of France, is one of the first places that come into my mind.

paris, city, and france image paris, autumn, and fall image paris, travel, and france image paris, france, and eiffel tower image
Most iconic place to visit, The Eiffel Tower
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Arc of Triumph

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Louvre Museum
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Luxembourg gardens
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Bridge Alexandre III
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Palace of Versailles

I hope you enjoyed this article, thanks for reading!