a weird review

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she is recognized by the just of her beauty as he is placed under her spell disappearing into a vast, empty darkness


when she lures these men into her abandoned lair, they begin to grow weary, considering their judgment, that she could be dangerous. but her eyes seduce them once more, as they agree to move on, for they see nothing passed or below her skin. in the hallway she begins to remove her clothes as they fall into her world, that is beyond reality.

it may seem symbolic, there is so much to speculate and characterize. in the end, our curiosities are left for us to decide, which is believed to be the most terrifying thing about this film.

she is left alone on this earth, alone to wander, and stalk human prey by the means of her creator, shadowing her throughout her morbid quest.

during the stage where these men blindly follow, she obviously becomes the drug that causes them to swoon. and in their weakness they are thrown away, drowning in a pool where she leaves them to bleed. for the blood is what her creator needs for their dimension to prosper.

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but upon her meeting with someone who is different from all the others, she feels something, a feeling exactly, as if becoming the victim herself. inside she begins to recognize his fear and pain, that is strange to her.

this is when she sees the blood on her hands. in a mirror she is puzzled by her own reflection. a question of what she is begins to rise. she escapes, escaping into a world where nothing satisfies. she has only known death for so long.

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in this scene she finds a friend who is willing to care for her and appreciate her company while she remains curious of his nature.

but she isn't normal. she is not like him, not even herself.

eventually, she finds her way into the woods, tired and lost, disappearing from the truth once more, as she becomes the hunted.


i would not recommend this film to one with little imagination. it's emotional and dark, twisted and beautiful. so enjoy or don't bother.