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I really tried my hardest to get this out over the weekend but my work schedule was super busy.

anyways, since 2017 is completely over (yay!), I decided I'm gonna write about my favorite fashion trends of the year.

I hope y'all enjoy!



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okay to me this was the biggest trend of the year. it started very subtle, maybe a few shirts with velvet material, and then suddenly almost everything was velvet. still being a bit overrated, I loved it.


mesh tops

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another trend that was super popular this past year was mesh tops with a bralette underneath. even though it's revealing, it's super cute for going out with your friends.


faux fur jackets

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first, these jackets are so extra. because they're so extra, I love them. also, they look so soft and cozy, I really wish I had one.


oversized sunglasses

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these sunglasses scream aesthetic, which I love.


knit sweaters

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okay but seriously I hope these never go out of style. they're so soft and comfy yet so stylish at the same time. you could wear these with anything.



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I'm so glad that sneakers have been becoming more popular to wear, and not just when you're working out. now you could literally wear them with any outfit. I personally wouldn't wear them if I was wearing a dress or skirt, but I know some people would, and it looks good.


slip dresses

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the simplicity of these dresses draw me in. they're literally so basic but so stylish and fancy at the same time.



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again, so simple and casual, which I love and appreciate.


I hope y'all enjoyed!

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