24th January 2018

Hey guys! Today's article is going to be on how to stick to your new year’s resolution and I know you guys are thinking what is this crazy person talking about its literally 24 days into January. However, I have a counter argument people, my point is that it doesn’t have to be January the first for people to make resolutions and ‘change’ into someone else. If you really want to start habits and make sure the resolution you had made would stick, then you go ahead and do that even if its September Huns.


This one sounds tacky but just prioritise your goals and make sure you know what you want to achieve, and make them more realist and precise therefore it won’t be hard to achieve. Its better to do short term goas where you would be proud of yourself for completing it and would motivate you to carry one with the rest of your goal or start new ones.

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If you really want something then you would think about it quite a lot and to be honest it sounds stupid but keep doing that, keep visualising what you want, it could be the highest grade, or losing weigh but do it at least every day for a few minutes to motivate you and to make sure you won’t give up on them.

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This one is the foundation of even trying to keep your resolutions for even 2 days so just write it down in your notebook, journal, where ever you can see it continuously, so you can see it where ever you are and won’t forget about it after a day.

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A good way to keep track of your goals for the new year and things you want in your life, is to create a dream board plus it looks cute, so it makes your room look personalised and obviously cute. You can create a dream board by just printing out pictures that inspire you and make a collage or the way I do it is by using my cork board and pinning down pictures I’ve printed out that represent my goals/resolutions. its also know as a vision board so don't feel baffled.

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Not everyone knows about this, but it is a philosophy that I have been following for a few months that basically means that if you channel your energy into positive thoughts then you would achieve that positive idea and this can be done with thinking of negative thoughts too but I don’t think people would really want negative things to happen to them.

Nearly everyone does do this however they don’t realise it and end up putting themselves down by thinking they are ugly, fat, etc 24/7 which ends up ruining their self-esteem and they had channelled all their energy into thinking like that would end up happening. And to do that you have to apply the Law of Attraction and you must follow a few things such as:
- Feel like you already have what you want
- Keep a gratitude journal
- Visualize
- Meditate
- Don’t be afraid to try new things, be open to risks (that are somewhat safe amd are reasonable)

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That’s it for my article, I hope you enjoyed and it helped. if you would like more on the Law of Attraction then do message me, if you guys have any questions, feel free to message me and if you want to just talk and become friends then don’t hesitate sweeties.

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