sometimes the song does us the favor of taking us out of disturbing moments inside our heads or hearts, so I would like to share some songs that make the silence disappear.

♡ First: Your Hands in my Soul - Konai
this song is the first simply by the feeling that there is a void being filled when I hear it.

♡ Second: Together - The XX
maybe I just put it on the playlist because it makes me cry.

♡ Third: Dead Roses - blackbear
if things are in chaos I'd rather hear blackbear and sleep before I can solve everything.

♡ Fourth: Goodbye - Apparat feat. Soap&Skin
this song besides being the opening of the Dark series of Netflix, is really special by its letter and good use of the instruments. I would say that, currently, is one of my favorite songs.

♡ Fifth: Wait - M83
I have no words for this song.

♡ Sixth: Dusk Till Down - Zayn feat. Sia
this is another song that I can not describe, just feel;
I love everything in this sound, the instruments, the voices, the words, the meanings ...

♡ Seventh: Sea - Bangtan Boys
and how could not miss, BTS sea in particular is a song that reassures me at any time, in addition to talking (of course) the boys' struggle to get where they are; I recommend it to anyone who knows how to enjoy music without calling the racial prejudices that still exist

♡ Eighth and Last: Imaturo - Jão
I know that most of the people who are watching this playlist listen to more songs in the English language, well I NEED to recommend to you a song that calms down to the noisiest heart
the voice, the lyrics ... this song is admirable and I would very much like you to give a little listen

anyway, this has been my comforting playlist for hearts and restless minds, I hope you have enjoyed my loves ^^ check out my other articles too, kisses