All through your days you’ve been a misfit. With bits of you spark-bright, the bits that stand out, shamed. The bits that are sharp and hard. The bits you’ve been told to apologize for.

Back when you didn’t know any better, you tried to tweak your madness. You tried to prune your wild. Back when you didn’t know any better, you tried to force your place among here. You tried to squeeze, beg, squirm, crawl.

You’ve spent many quiet nights wondering why you were born in a time that has no space for your dancing soul. You’ve struggled to understand why you are here. Your angst found a new scream each time you saw the darkness slather itself on this world. You’ve gasped for breath because try as hard as you may, the shape of you finds no hollow to fit.

You’re tired. Tired of feeling like you’re the only one. The only one who feels their bones as old as time. The only one who can see the crumbling of your fellow men because they’ve become too blind to their own becoming.

But no more. You know you don’t belong. You now know, you were never meant to.

And you are not alone.
You are here to mould this world. To lead it to Love. You are here to guide every soul you meet on your way, back to its light. You are here because you have to sow and reap the beauty we were always meant to be. You are here to suck out the darkness and spit its venom into the clear skies. You are here to banish the indifference that distinguishes one body from another, skin from skin, flesh from flesh.

You are here to remind them of who they really are.
Every battle, every scar, every bruise, has been a step closer to your own ownness. You are the sun this earth awaits, the one that is learning to never doubt her light. You are the stars that speak of the beauty of darkness and how it is only possible to shine if you collide with your night.

You are the moon, the one who chooses to be itself during the blackest hours, on purpose. The one who chooses to shine.
Tell me now, what is it that you don’t see? How is it that you not know your purpose? How is it that it is not bigger than all of who you are? You’ve known it all along. You’ve known your atoms calling out into the unknown, just wishing and waiting to be Love itself. You’ve known how you want to return to the comforting lap of everlasting joy and eternal calm. You’ve known you wouldn’t have anything less.

And then you’ve seen the world, and wept for the way it butchers its very heart. But you’ve then sunk on your knees and sung in prayer for a new tomorrow. A tomorrow that you will help yield.
You’ve looked through misty eyes and cried your warrior call. You’ve known you won’t let go.

Not now. Not ever.

You are here to bring souls back Home.