Hello lovey Hearters!
This time I decided to share my fashion inspiration (or icons). :)

friends, monica geller, and 90s image girl, monica geller, and friends image
Monica Geller
70s, 90s, and aesthetic image friends, Jennifer Aniston, and rachel green image
Rachel Green
selena gomez image selena gomez, selena, and selenagomez image
Selena Gomez
bathing suit, beach, and blonde image outfit, autumn, and cozy image
Kalyn Nicholson
girl, outfit, and honey image dress, t-shirt, and youtuber image
Jordan Lipscombe
coachella, outfit, and bumble image style, tumblr, and alli simpson image
Alli Simpson
gossip girl, love, and chuck bass image gg and series image
Blair Waldorf
gossip girl, Serena Van Der Woodsen, and serena image beautiful, blakelively, and serenavanderwoodsen image
Serena Van der Woodsen

Hope you liked this one and if you have any ideas on what I should write about or if you just want to talk feel free to message me! ❤️

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