I wonder how it feels to kiss someone who always sticks by your side without you even asking him? I wonder how it feels to have deep talk with the person you were always dreaming of? My "love" story is a bit patetic and weird, i would say.. unless you are romanticist. It all started with a look, that romantic and passionate look you watch in the movies and you hope it happens to you someday. Well, i didn't look for it, but i got it and i was happy... for a moment. I can say that look ruined my teenager life, you know.. a lot of problems with school, unhappy with how you look and other stuff we teenagers think up in our messy little heads. And after that, nothing was the same anymore and i hate myself for that. I mean, i am not that kind of person who just easly falls in love but this time i was 'that kind of person'. I know some of you expect that we hooked up, loved each other and then we broke up, but no, that never happed. He was feeling something too, for a long long time, he even knew my laugh, whenever i show up his eyes were following me, he was looking at me like we've known each other forever. We didn't talk, but our eyes did and that was something special. Not the touch guys, not the kiss, eyes tell the truth we are afraid to say. So if you ask me what is the only feeling that i would erase, it would be fear, not the love,despite i'm being hurt as hell, it would be fear, i repeat.. It cost us too much.. especially love.

With love,