1.what a girl wants

movie, what a girl wants, and quotes image
amanda bynes, cute, and gif image

2.freaky friday

gif, quote, and film image
lindsay lohan and freaky friday image freaky friday and movie image

3.a cinderella story

quotes, Hilary Duff, and movie image
love, one tree hill, and quotes image

4.Mean Girls

mean girls, quotes, and lindsay lohan image gif image mean girls, quotes, and regina george image mean girls, october, and lindsay lohan image

5.A walk to remember

A Walk to Remember, quotes, and movie image
love, A Walk to Remember, and movie image love, A Walk to Remember, and movie image

6.The Lizzie Mcguire movie

film, girl, and movie image Hilary Duff, lizzie mcguire, and celebrity image

7.The princess diaries

Anne Hathaway, movie, and the princess diaries image Anne Hathaway, princess, and the princess diaries image
invisible, quotes, and Anne Hathaway image

8.Save the last dance

dance, movie, and save the last dance image Mature image
dance, Julia Stiles, and save the last dance image

9.Wild child

love, quotes, and alex pettyfer image wild child, emma roberts, and movie image
wild child, emma roberts, and school image

10.legally blonde

quotes, legally blonde, and movie image legally blonde image

11.Bring it on

bring it on and movies image 90s, Hot, and quotes image

12.Nancy Drew

nancy drew image drew, emma, and movie image


love, aquamarine, and quotes image
mermaid and aquamarine image movie, love, and quote image

14.Raise your voice

crush, stupid, and quotes image change, Hilary Duff, and movie image

15.13 going on 30

quotes, sweet, and 13 going on 30 image
80s, 90s, and old image love, 13 going on 30, and quotes image

16.John Tucker must die

john tucker must die, brittany snow, and jesse metcalfe image jerk, quote, and type image

17.Material girls

material girls image film, movie, and material girls image


hairspray image
hairspray and brittany snow image

19.She's the man

she's the man, movie, and Relationship image she's the man, amanda bynes, and funny image she's the man, channing tatum, and amanda bynes image she's the man, movie, and channing tatum image

20.angus thongs and perfect snogging

15, about, and angus image angus, cat, and funny image
aaron johnson, angus, and georgia nicolson image

21.Herbie:Fully loaded

53, bettle, and car image Herbie and linsday image

22.Nick and Norah's infinitive playlist

michael cera and nick and norah's infinite playlist image nick and norah, michael cera, and Kat Dennings image

23.confessions of a teenage drama queen

lindsay lohan image lindsay lohan, movie, and quote image Hot, megan fox, and movie image lindsay lohan, quote, and family image

24.17 again

movie, quotes, and zac efron image zac efron, 17 again, and quotes image
kiss, love, and gif image
zac efron, Hot, and 17 again image

25.Jenifer's body

megan fox, swimming, and jenifer's body image
normal, jennifer's body, and amanda seyfried image beautiful, sex, and boyfriend image

26.The perfect man

Hilary Duff, tired, and quotes image

27.500 Days of Summer

love, fantasy, and quotes image
quotes, happy, and 500 Days of Summer image 500 Days of Summer, the smiths, and movie image

28.American Pie

Image removed 90s, black, and friendship image

29.The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Hot, boy, and quotes image happy, quotes, and alive image

30.Just my luck

quotes, movie, and disaster image couple, just my luck, and lindsay lohan image love, couple, and lindsay lohan image chris pine, just my luck, and lindsay lohan image

31.Get a clue

90s, disney, and lindsay lohan image hakuna matata, quote, and lindsay lohan image
90s, lindsay lohan, and get a clue image

32.Freedom writers

quotes, young, and true image education, hilary swank, and movie image

33.High school musicals

Chad, disney, and movie image zac efron, vanessa hudgens, and love image