Lonely Souls by Ashly Dueal

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All people around are strangers. There are no relatives and relatives. Simply there are those who are near, and those who are far away. In fact, both of them have differences. But, in fact, you can not trust anyone. This is their common feature.

People tend to be wrong. All of us once do not say those words, we do wrong things, we come to the wrong conclusions, or we forgive not those things that it is permissible to forgive. But there is a limit.

Over the years, life has become gray, colorless. You are already used to what is, and can not even imagine how expensive and highly it is appreciated. It is a pity that we have become so stale and soulless. It's a pity that neither I, nor the woman next to nor the driver - no one feels really happy. And why? Is it a problem? Is it difficult? Is it trouble? The fact is that people have forgotten how to be happy.

Life is a strange thing

What to do when the other half turns out to be malignant? What if the concept of a kindred soul suddenly loses its meaning?

You are in my soul, and I am in your memories

Some people think that panic is screaming, rash actions, stupor. What is this fear, bewilderment, hysterics. They are mistaken. Panic is when you do not understand anything.

My loneliness was broken on the reef of suffering. No more battles, losses, disappointments and betrayals. The destroyed road appears before my eyes, and I again become her, I am ready to continue the journey again.