thank me later . . .

1. christina grimmie - without him

"right from the start he lured me in. took me to places i've never been."

2. against the current ft. taka - dreaming alone

"i can't take back the things i said but i won't say that i regret any day that i was yours."

3. 1975 - chocolate

"we'll go where nobody knows. we got guns hidden under our petticoats."

4. the neighborhood - r.i.p to my youth

"sweet lil baby in a world full of pain."

5. lana del rey - radio

"now my life is sweet like cinnamon. like a fucking dream i'm living in."

6. conan gray - lovesick boys

"cause lovesick boys will write you love songs and lovesick girls will always listen."

7. kehlani - honey

"cause i'm a beautiful wreck, a colorful mess, but i'm funny."

8. tori kelly - paper hearts

"everything is gray under these skies. wet mascara. hiding every cloud under a smile when there's cameras."

9. tori kelly ft. ed sheeran - i was made for loving you

i was made for loving you even though we maybe hopeless hearts just passing through."

10. christina grimmie - think of you

"we wished on these stars they were ours they remind me of you. i'm still letting you go, i just want you to know that i think of you."

AH i hope that you have new songs to add on your playlist.

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lmao btw am i the only one who gets lost in the music and just think that i'm in the music video or some shit like that? i even start to act out the emotions of the song. i know, i'm weird.

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