Day 19. What’s in my bag?

In my bag I have too many things :D I don't know how it's possible but I just have everything in my bag...I always think I could need it :D

Anyways let's check what I have right now in my bag..

bag, fashion, and black image

Right now I'm using Michael Kors bag, because it's big enough for my personal stuff and school stuff.
In my bag I have...

my school notebook, pen, calendar, diary, wallet

unicorn, homework, and notebook image drawing, notebook, and art image write, book, and notebook image fashion, iphone, and black image

Then I have little bag H&M Coachella, where I keep my hand cream, lip balm and lip scrub. And BTW this Lush lip balm and scrub it's just awesome! They together make soft lips..and both are so delicious:P

coachella, hm, and summer image cosmetics, lips, and lush image blue, britney spears, and cream image

So that's about my bag
Hope you like this :)