DAY 3: things you couldn't live without

Hello, dear.

It's me again. I have decided to stick up to this little game, and today it's the turn of the things that I find most valuable.
First of all, your well-being! Have you eaten something healthy, today? Have you hugged someone and told them you love them? Have you studied for your exams? You know that I was born under the Cancer star! I can be a bit motherly when it comes to you.

Enough, enough, I don't want to stress you.

Here is a little list of my other necessities - you may not agree with them, but, oh!, I'd be so poor without them...

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  • good food

If you've read my last articles, this probably doesn't come without a warning. I am a boring person who likes to enjoy the little things life has to offer, and I'm not going to complain if one of those tiny treats is covered in cream or chocolate...
I think that eating right is important. No excesses, not too unhealthy. You always need to check out what you're going to eat. But a little delight here and there is not going to kill you! If anything, is going to improve your life quality. I love to indulge in a little piece of chocolate after my meals, or start the day with a delicious Italian croissant filled with cream. And during my stay in Paris I may have eaten one too many Pain Au Chocolat...

rain, city, and building image Image by H E D V I G
  • my tiny apartment

It's one of the basic human needs: after food, you definitely need shelter. And I'm glad to say that my little room in the heart of the city is starting to feel just like home. My love and me have started to fill it with adorable furniture chosen by us, and have clearly settled in. It makes me feel a bit more independent, and able to choose and do what I really want with my life.

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make up image
  • makeup

Don't get me wrong: I like my face without makeup either. Well, that's the face my lovely parents put together and gave me! It wouldn't be respectful towards them (and their genes) if I didn't. But a little... personalisation is always good. While I have learned to love my eyes, I have also mastered the art of colouring them with the hues I feel the most - lately, for example, I am having fun, and often give a little burgundy feeling to my eyelids.
I really like to wear makeup that goes nicely with my outfit - dark, minimal t-shirt? That calls for a winged eyeliner!
A lovely and soft baby pink wraps me up? Than it's clearly the moment for a delicate rose look.
I couldn't just take me for what I am, without having fun with my appearances as a little girl filling up her colouring book. After all, if we want to go on with the metaphor, I am just spicing up the meal my mum cooked for me. I love it and am eternally grateful for it, but also like to have it my way.

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  • music

I'm not going to lie - I am listening to it right now.
What can I say? A Spotify subscription is the best gift my love could have given to me, and has really improved my quality of life. I love to just plug my headphones in, select a playlist and receive all the good vibes in the world. The right song can change my mood for the whole day.
If you have a Spotify account too, we can be friends there! I love to check out what other people listen to, and discover something new. Send me a postcard, so that we can follow each other on that platform!

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I'd like to end here my little list. After all, I summed up all the good things in life - food, shelter, and a bit of entertainment. What matters the most is to be surrounded by good vibes, and to try and spread them around! While we don't have to just neglect bad things, that are part of life too, we don't have to give them the power to destroy us completely. We need to understand the value of serenity, of living a good life. Being grateful for everything good, and learn from what's bad.

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