beautiful places i aspire to visit at least once in my life x

1. greece

summer, sea, and blue image flowers, Greece, and summer image travel, city, and light image food, friends, and goals image

2. hawaii

beach, black, and sand image food and summer image beach, summer, and sea image girl, waterfall, and summer image

3. italy

travel, friends, and summer image travel, italy, and sunset image food, italy, and pizza image ice cream, food, and chocolate image

4. london

cities, city, and london image travel, city, and place image Flying, savage, and seagull image food, coffee, and starbucks image

5. australia

hair, travel, and style image australia, Sydney, and sea image blue, waves, and bondi image australia, beach, and surfers image
i live heeeerree :)

all these places are so beautiful i want to be there so badly! xx