hi guys!!! today im making this article combining both things I really enjoy, astrology and deserts lmao, I'll be adding two desserts for each signs since theirs so many options <3 hope you enjoy!


  • Cheesecake
strawberry, cake, and cream image food and sweet image sweet, cake, and food image food, cake, and delicious image
  • Jello
colorful, kawaii, and sweet image food, sweet, and jello image Inspiring Image on We Heart It jello image
You are versatile just like cheesecake and jello! ♡


  • Brownie
food, ice cream, and delicious image chocolate, cake, and food image brownie, chocolate, and cream image ice cream, food, and yummy image
  • Cinamon bun
food and Cinnamon image food, cake, and sweet image food, delicious, and yummy image food, yummy, and cinnamon roll image
You are sweet and warm like a cinamon bun ♡


  • Pancakes
food, stars, and pancakes image baking, breakfast, and cake image food, pancakes, and breakfast image dessert, food, and pancakes image
  • Soft Ice cream
dessert, ice cream, and sweet image ice cream and ஐ image ice cream, food, and summer image candy, food, and blue image
You are flexible and soft spoken, soft like ice cream ;)


  • Cotton Candy
purple, food, and cotton candy image pink, cotton candy, and candy image cotton candy, food, and candy image rainbow, cotton candy, and pastel image
  • Sugar cookies
Cookies, food, and pink image hello kitty image background and beautiful image kawaii, pastel goth, and cute image
You are creative like a sugar cookie design and sensitive, delicate like cotton candy ♡


  • Lolipop
purple and lollipop image Image removed pink, stars, and lollipop image flowers, lollipop, and sweet image
  • Marshmallow
pastel, food, and pink image white, marshmallow, and food image art, background, and beautiful image art, background, and beautiful image
You are simple and straightforward like lolipops and marshmallows


  • Macaroon
pink, coffee, and food image pastel, macaroons, and food image Image by Guernica pink, sweet, and food image
  • Fruit salad
fruit, healthy, and food image fruit, food, and healthy image fruit, aesthetic, and food image healthy, food, and fruit image
You are soft and elegant


  • Parfait
sweet and yummy image cherry, ice cream, and kawaii image strawberry, food, and kiwi image food, parfait, and purple image
  • Crepes
crepe, ice cream, and sweet image food, ice cream, and summer image kawaii, cute, and dessert image food image
Just like crepes and parfaits over the top but super sweet


  • Churro
aesthetic, churros, and sweet image chocolate, delicious, and food image chocolate, dessert, and vanilla image food, chocolate, and churros image
  • Pretzels
food, pink, and chocolate image food, chocolate, and pretzel image snacks, yummy, and delicious image food, pretzel, and sprinkles image
You are fun and outgoing but a bit salty at times


  • Oreos
food, oreo, and chocolate image oreo, cake, and food image waffles, food, and chocolate image cake, oreo, and chocolate image
  • Chocolate cake
chocolate, cake, and food image cake and chocolate image cake, food, and yummy image chocolate, cake, and food image
You are straightforward and enjoy the simple things in life


  • Ice cream
ice cream, food, and sweet image ice cream, delicious, and food image ice cream, food, and rainbow image ice cream, food, and pink image
  • Ice pops
food, ice cream, and summer image pink, pastel, and pale image dessert and food image fruit, food, and ice cream image
You can come off cold at times but you are actually really sweet! ♡


  • Rainbow cake
cake, rainbow, and food image cake, rainbow, and food image cake, rainbow, and food image cake, rainbow, and food image
  • Cookie dough
food, cookie, and cookie dough image food, sweet, and cookie image cookie and sweet image food, chocolate, and cookie dough image
You are super fun and creative! ♡


  • Banana cream pie
cake image -sweet image delicious, dessert, and appetizer image Image removed
  • Flan
food, yummy, and caramel image delicious, food, and taste image dark chocolate, peanut butter, and sprinkles image food, delicious, and sweet image
You are kind and sensitive , soft and fluffy like banana cream pie and flan ♡

Hope you liked this as much as I enjoyed making it ♡