Some songs remind me of summer.
The summer reminds me of being sweaty, having the popsicle juice drip down to the sides of my arms, having that feeling in my stomach. The songs that remind me of summer, make me feel uncomfortable. These songs made me remember about him. The him I am not completely over. Sometimes I wish I wasn't as ambitious to have you. If I hadn't done that then I wouldn't have had to go through those things but it was my fault. My fault for believing we could last, believing that this could continue even after the summer. I sometimes wish that you were more than a summer boy, wish that you were my all year round boy. But I think I just believed too much. Songs of last summer remind me of you and how you were to me, it makes me feel young, sad, happy. When I think of you sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I think of the things you did for me, sometimes I think a long time of what I could have done to make us last. But then I realize that everything happens for a reason, and maybe it just wasn't the right time. I hope that one day I see you once again, and I won't have that sinking feeling like I can't hold onto anything because nothing keeps me up. I hope that when I see you I can find the word to say to you, that there won't be a balloon stuck in my throat. My biggest hope is that when I see you, you are happy. When you are happy I am happy although I may not be in the beginning. To me you are the shape of all the summer songs of 2016, you are the sad, you are the happy, you are the reminiscing times, you were that person in the songs they talk about... You were the summer songs.