A little girl sits on the grass. Her stomach growls. She has not had any food for two days, and only enough water to stay alive. As she picks up a flower, she slowly takes a hold one petal and pulls it off and says, "I will die." Then she plucks another and says, "I will live." She plucks them all off, alternating the phrases until she is down to one last petal. The she says, "I will live a life of my choosing. I will live a fulfilling life of happiness and love. I will live and teach others that there will always be someone who has less, and to change others' lives for the better." She lays down the stem, with the one petal still attached. Standing up, she throws her arms into the sky and yells to the world, "I can make a difference in the world, and I WILL!" From that day on, she became the one to talk to, the one to cry with, laugh with, smile with, and chase dreams with. She lived forever reminding people there is someone out there who cares and that person is me. Her name is Hope.

flowers, wallpaper, and yellow image