So I know the fire on the picture looks pretty, but if those logs had feelings it would look more like how I'm feeling. Which is ladies and gents( and everybody between the and beyond)... Fuck. Fuckity crap nuggets lay my grandmother in a den and call her Old-den the god.

My first love and ex is coming to my school in a week. No. No no. Did I mention no? Not only did I spend weeks crying over him and have a crackhead in withdrawal break down over him, but he put me through a lot. And we still are friends. Is that not enough? Why my school? My sacred space? It's so small.

I should have just stuck with girls,but I just haaaad to widen the spectrum. I'm too dramatics for this much stuff to happen to me. I'm so glad I can write about it because girl. No, you, life. Yeah you. GIRL! (Fast ghetto claps) WHY ARE YOU PLAYING?!? WE GOTS NO TIME FOR GAMES!!! LIFE GIRL! Staup it. Ya'll have fun with this article because the girl life about to make me take my earrings off.