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Stop being so caught up in everybody's wrong doings. Instead, focus on yours!

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He Loves You.


Let go. It is essential to move out of this phase in your life. Welcome the new.

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It's Okay.


Stop worrying about little things and calmly focus on the big picture: Life.

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You're Doing Great.


Chillax. Don't let people get to you, ignore mostly everyone for the time being.

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Be At Peace.


Hush your gorgeous and precious mind. Everything. Is. Going. To. Be. Okay.

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I Promise.


You have not been forgotten. You never will be. You are deeply loved.

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Push Through.


You are gorgeous. Inside and out. You are adored by many.

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Do Not Doubt.


It is essential to be humble. Eventually people will warm up to you, which deep down is what you want

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Calm. Calm. Calm.


Be kind and be gentle. With feelings, not physically. Hold no grudges.

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You Are Whole.


You can do it. You really can. It's all up there

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This shall pass. Release the past. Go to mass.

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Go Forward.

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