I am taking a psychology class in College and our teacher showed us this video about stress. We have been told that stress is a bad thing because it may jeopardize our health. However, in this video, we are been taught to embrace our stress because it is preparing us for what's coming next and it's a sign that we care. So with that thought in mind, I had a presentation coming for my English class and I always get really nervous and stressed, especially if it's a big class like mine. And also because my first language is Spanish so sometimes I struggle to pronounce some words correctly or even thinking of a translation. So the day came when I had to present and I was the last person on the list. As the students were going up to the front and presenting the anticipation was getting worse and I was getting very bad anxiety. It was my turn and I could feel my heart pounding, almost as if it wanted to get out of my chest. I was standing there and I just started breathing and tried to relax. I thought about that video and letting that stress and anxiety take over a little bit really helped me prepare for that presentation. Until today I don't know how I managed to get the words out of my mind and actually give a decent presentation. I am very proud of myself for facing my fear of public speaking. I mean, I know that I have even more presentations coming up, but I am hoping that each one I will get better at and not be nervous anymore. I just want to be confident and sound confident because I remember my voice shaking when I was presenting that day. It is not easy to face your fears, but understanding why is it important to do so, then you are able to break through those walls that are holding you back from achieving your dreams.

Do not let anxiety or stress take over you. Instead, take advantage of that and become a more confident and outgoing person.

I am going to leave the link to the TED talk that our teacher showed us in class. The name of the speaker is Kelly McGonigal