So basically these people are my celebrity inspirations because they inspire me and motivate me to keep going, try new things and they're just people I look up to. People, who make me think "if she/he can do it, why can't I?" or "If she/he can keep going, why can't I?"

If all these people can be strong and be happy. Why can't we?

1) Halsey.

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2) Demi Lovato.

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3) Ed Sheeran.

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4) Taylor Swift.

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5) Michael Clifford.

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6) Emma Watson.

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7) J.K Rowling.

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8) John Green.

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9) Cara Delevingne.

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10) Miranda Hart.

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11) Sarah's Day.

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If you haven't heard of her. She is all about fitness and health. This is her youtuber name. I recommend watching her channel. She's hilarious and has really good content.

12) Kalyn Nicholson. @KalynNicholson

Kalyn Nicholson
Kalyn Nicholson
Absolutely love her youtube channel. She has amazing content!

13) Rachel Talbott.

I can't find any images but Rachel is another youtuber. She has amazing content that covers a wide range of topics such as cleaning, fitness, food, skincare, hair care, makes up etc.

14) Zoe Sugg.

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So that's probably not all my celeb inspirations but that's a lot of them. I hope you enjoyed this article. :)

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