Lately I been paying attention…
The way you see your phone, waiting a message… and checking again
Your way to talk to me is different, without interest. Answering without empathy.
Your texts are so predictable… the same words but not with the same meaning. There are not love.

I realized about your new habits. It’s new that color pink in your notes.
I love fries. You always told me that you also liked. Yesterday you ordered something new. You weren’t looked back to me.

You change your routine, it’s okay try new things. New places. New people.

It’s like a little sunshine came into your life.
A sunshine that send you warmth when it’s late and you are tired
A sunshine that likes that horrible song that I hate
A sunshine that try to make you smile in the morning when the classes starts
A sunshine that sit next to you in class of Topography
You called me my beautiful sky. I loved it. I always wanted to be someone's sky.
But now seems that you prefer a sunshine.

I can’t give you what you want anymore.