Aquarius' are very creative, free-spirited people. They enjoy bold, creative outfits that represent their style. Jobs for an Aquarius would include anything creative, photography, acting, teaching, writing, and much more. They are ok with budgeting their money. but sometimes splurge.

(This is all based on research and my own opinion. Please do not be upset or offended if you are an Aquarius and don't match up with the definition I'm describing.)

fashion, red, and adidas image
Monday: An outfit that is both comfy and cute for lazy Mondays
denim, photography, and crop top image
Tuesday: An outfit with some old ruffles and stylish flower jeans.
fashion, dress, and outfit image
Wednesday: A dressy outfit that includes a tied denim jacket and a pink purse
fashion, summer, and outfit image
Thursday: A casual outfit with a statement, sparkle necklace
fashion, luxury, and beauty image
Friday: A sparkly dress to go hang out with friends matched with a black purse and fur coat
fashion, outfit, and style image
Saturday: A comfy outfit to sit with your cat
fashion, pink, and jacket image
Sunday: A casual outfit with a pink rose jacket and gold headphones.

Thanks for reading everyone! I will try to write the rest of the signs soon.