To be honest my music taste is very basic... but I thought that these songs were pretty under rated. I hope you enjoy these songs and if you would like you can follow me on apple music! @/ Lydialistenstomusic. :) I tried to organise them into seperate categories but i'm not very good at it (clearly.)

Chill Songs

aesthetic, beach, and blue image water, aesthetic, and pale image blue, clothing, and denim image aesthetic, sea, and blue image

pineapple skies - miguel
waterfall - petit biscuit feat. Panama
The Feeling - Justin Bieber feat. Halsey
Maybe - Alina Baraz and Galimatias
Again - Noah Cyrus feat. XXXTENTACICON
Casual - Alex Adair
Ugly - Jaira Burns

Dance Songs

lights, photography, and brandon woelfel image interior image grunge, party, and disco image boy, disco, and grunge image

Fairplay - Kiana Lede
Hola - Flo Rida
Tip Toe - Jason Derulo and French Montana
everybody knows - Chris Brown
Get It Right - Diplo feat. MØ
Congratulations - Post Malone feat. Quavo

Groovy Songs

girl, orange, and tumblr image peach and fruit image flowers, orange, and aesthetic image Image by giuliapace

Real Friends - Camilla Cabello
Think Before I Talk - Astrid S
Bellyache - Billie Eilish
Smoke in My Eyes - Indiana Massara
Confident - Justin Bieber feat. Chance the Rapper

Lit Songs

rose, fire, and flowers image red, light, and neon image red, love, and couple image Lyrics, roses, and camilacabello image

No I Love Yous - Era Istrefi feat. French Montana
G.O.A.T - Eric Bellinger feat. ARoc
Death of a Bachelor - Panic! At the Disco
Crown - Camilla Cabello and Grey

Inspired by this article written by @/sweeetlikehoneyy! I hope you enjoyed my article!