Why am I helping you get the girl you want? Why do I still like you and help you get her? What's wrong with me?

I know that you and I will never be something right now, but although I don't like you as much, there is still that piece of me that can't let you go. There are times where I hate you with everything I got yet I still love you with all my heart. I'm always so worried that you're going to do something stupid because that's what you do. I don't go to sleep on Fridays until you answer my text so that I can go to sleep knowing you're alright. I love you as if you were my son cause when I found you, you were broken. I think that in a way I helped you fix your heart. So when I see her doing this to you, seeing your heart break bit by bit I panic. I know she's not meant to be with you, but you force it too much.

So if I'm still feeling this, why the hell am I helping you? I know she doesn't like you but you love her so I can't leave your side, I've been trying to get her to like you or tell you that she doesn't because it hurts me seeing you hurt like that. Isn't it funny? I love you, you love her, and she loves another person. It hurts doesn't it? So why do we do this to each other? Fall in love for someone who doesn't love us back in that way? Why do you think is it? Why do we want love so much, but when we get we throw it away?