84 days aka 2 months and 23 days that i hope i never forget. This is how it all started.

February break only had 1 thing to actually look forward to (besides catching up on sleep) and that was on Wednesday the theater club had an important meeting where a festival director and one of his students would come and teach us about the festival we have never been to. The festival was in a week. At the festival we needed to know how to review the past plays the correct way.

I almost didn't go because it was suppose to rain and i had to walk home afterwards. I found an umbrella and told myself that i wasn't allowed to miss any important theater things, and boy o boy was that meeting important- not because i learned what we had to do BUT because i met him.

I didn't know his name other than his first, and his teacher aka the director of the festival. I actually acted for the first time in front of him and in my life on that day. I didn't even bat an eyelash at him because he said he was a senior so i figured he was out of my date range and would NEVER in a million years even consider me.

We awkwardly made eye contact a million times, but i did not know the shade of his eyes yet or how much i would grow to love looking into them.

He had long curly black hair that went to his mid-back and a short beard. What i remember the most is his voice that was very deep but not deep enough to shake the ground like thunder. His laugh was thunder though, deeper then any noise i have ever heard and it grew to be my favorite sound of all. He said he ran track and field just like me and the guy who was sitting next to me so we both cheered quietly to ourselves that we found someone just like us but from a whole other world.

I just hope we meet each other again in a few years when he's got his business done and i have grown up enough for him, then we will be truly right for each other, and who knows, it might be on a Wednesday too, and out of the blue just like the first time our eyes met.