Being happy is something that we all wish we could be all the time. Although it's not really possible to be happy all the time, and to be honest it's good to feel a bit sad sometimes so you can enjoy the good times that much more, finding happiness is a great thing, and these are some little ways to achieve that x

1. smile at strangers

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For instance, when you pass someone while walking down the street, instead of looking down or avoiding eye contact, smile at them or even say hello/good morning. It's not a big thing but it will make you feel happy when they show/say it back, and if they don't they're either having a bad day or they couldn't react in time (i've done that lol) so don't worry.

2. be aware of yourself

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When you have a lot of things going on in your life or you're feeling overwhelmed, you usually don't take note of how you're feeling or how it's affecting you. Sometimes we need to take a step back, breathe for a bit and look at what's going on. When we do this our minds become clearer and it can take a lot of the stress you thought was necessary away. When you feel like this, take a small break and do something that makes you feel relaxed. It could be meditation, sleeping, reading a book, watching a movie/video or having something to eat.

3. try to be optimistic

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I struggle with this a lot as I usually focus on the negatives and find it impossible to see a positive outcome in things. However, I am learning and I try to not let the little things that go wrong get in the way of my happiness. If a big change is occurring in my life instead of focusing on the negatives I look for how this change can benefit me, and it makes life a whole lot easier when you have less things to worry about.

4. surround yourself with people you love

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When you have negative people around you, their vibe tends to affect you as well. And if you're hanging around people that make you feel angry, sad, unimportant or uncomfortable, it's gonna be hard to live happily. You can't really erase them from your life, however you can decide to not surround yourself with those types of people. If it's a "friend", don't shut them out completely (as this can cause conflict) but distance yourself from them overtime and try to find a new crowd (this can be hard but it's definitely worth it). If it's a family member, sit down with them, talk things out. This is good because sometimes they aren't even aware of how what they're doing is affecting you.

I hope you enjoyed this article! I might make another one as there are many little things you can do in your life to be an overall happier person. Try these out and see if they work for you!