Theres a moment in the life when you realices everything is happening.


When you are mad because you haven’t had the best grade, theres somebody who is dying, who is is having the most incredible pain, emotional as physically.

But you can realize of that to late or to earlier, never is the perfect moment.

Im thinking about the persons I did hurt without thinking bout them, im thinking about all, even that little girl I saw crying the last day.

Im thinking about the time my friend was in problems, and she tell me she wasn’t feeling okay, but I was more bussy checking my followers in Twitter and twitingabout a shit who doesn’t have the enough favs and rts to justify the suicide of my friend.

Im thinking about the many people I did hurt and I didn’t knew.

Im thinking how unfair I was telling people help me and didn’t help them.

It soo much that even takes my last breath.