Dear unknown,

for starters, im not gonna expose your name or what i call you. I just made this to help me release all i have to say about us instead of accidentally telling someone at school or home. Also this isnt only for "him" this could help you too.

yesterday we barely got a chance to text because you had a game. you told me you got hurt pretty badly and left to the hospital thirty mintues after i fell asleep. well, i have news for ya, i fractured my ankle in basketball today and had a trip to the hospital. you know i have this big fear against hospitals and thats what i want to talk to you about.

no i don't wanna talk about hospitals i want to talk about my fears 😂. i fear alot of other things like:
-horror movies
-car accidents
-loosing someone
-getting hurt
-showing weakness

i fear these things because ive been taught to fear them. (except car accidents thats just a thing of mine) i realize that im only afraid that these things might happen and the more i fill my head with, "the killer clowns are coming" or "your moms gonna die." the more i believe it WILL happen. guess what i found out? the killer clowns didn't come last year and my mom did not die ( i actually thought so but it was just a weird bug ).

when i was around 5-6 years old i used to wake up at night and worry that someone is behind my closet or ready to jump in through my window. so i'd get up and walk to my parents room traumatized that someone actually going to kill me. when i got in my father took me in his hands and led me back to my room and pulls back the curtains of my window. He'd say,
"What do you see." and i'd start pointing at the trees, cars, and lights. no one was outside.

what i'm trying to say is this,
dont fear things you can't see,
things you can only predict.
so if it does happen,
your ready to fight it.

(idk if this made sense or not 😂)