One day I hope I can look at you and not feel my stomach drop. I hope that I will stop looking for you in the crowd. I hope that one day I will stop wanting you to come back to me. I hope that I will stop hating myself for what you did to me.

That I will learn how to love myself without you. Without your help. Without your constant evaluation of my life. I don't need you to think something is great to like it. I don't need you to see my worth to be worthy. I don't need you to love me to love myself. I don't need you, but oh boy do I want you.

Sometimes it's better to let things go. Let the bad people fall from your life even though you so desperately want them back. You want them to call you crying because they miss you so much. You want them to want you. You want them to love you. But that person doesn't love you. They never have and it is about time you saw that. It is about time you open your eyes to the ways you let people kill you. But most of all it is about time you put an end to it.
(m. z.)