i'm feeling so sad these days.
be alone really hurts sometimes and myself it's not enough. i really thought that 2018 will be a new year for me, i'll be sufficient for me and for anybody else, it's almost february and i don't really know what to do with my life. i'm in the high school and i'm a teenager with 15 years old but sometimes it gets to hard even for me. world sucks and i don't know anymore what to do. i wanna someone but someone never cames for me. i just want to travel the world, meet united states but i don't know how i'll conquer this because life is HARD. sometimes i don't believe in myself. i think that i'm not enjoying life the way i should. i just start to hate myself, i've past the last year like this, so sad with everything because i was so lonely, a lot of peoples dissappointed me in a certain way and i just don't know if the problem was me or the others. i'm just so tired, i've hope when someone talks to me but nobody stays with me. when i'm sad and listen to sad music i just can think that the life don't make sense at all, and the only way that i have to talk with someone and write about my feelings even that anyone sees is here, on the articles from we heart it. if you are reading, thank you. sometimes it all gets a little too much. i've just needed to talk all this. i hope find myself someday.