Hey (: here's a poem I wrote a while ago. you have been warned- it's kinda sad and deals with things that could possibly trigger some people. maybe, maybe not. Besides that, I hope you like it!

Thank you, my dear, for giving me this bracelet
To cover the scars you once left behind
To cover the memories that I could only dream to forget
But this bracelet reminds me of you

Oh, how I miss you
And your words of venom that filled my head
The pain that once felt good
Now those words only hurt so terribly bad
The pain is collected in this bracelet you gave me

Take away the pain,
Take away the pain
Cut this bracelet to shreds
And take away the pain that’s left from you

But my dear, I need this bracelet to cover the scars left from you
With the tears that you lent me
They make the scars fade away
You can't hurt me anymore

The pain is gone
But now you’re back again
I can’t make you leave
You’re my addiction

I miss those sweet words you once said
I miss you, my dear
Now just take away the pain
Take it away by making more
But mask it with the sweet words you once said

Take away the pain
Take away the pain
Take it away
Take it away

***If you need someone to talk to I am here to talk. In fact, if you're feeling sad in any way please message me I'd be really happy to talk.

Have a wonderful week and I'll see you next time!!!
-Allie xox