This is my first article and I wanted to use this platform to share something that is really important for me. I have the felling that people sometimes look at things but they don't actually see them. What I try to say is: Do people see the beauty that everything has?This question keeps running thru my mind so I thought about writting this in order to remind everyone who reads this to take the time to appreciate the beauty of the things around us, even the smallest ones. But remember we don't only see with our eyes but also with our touch, mind, heart and soul.
Here is a list of thing wich overwarming beauty isn't always recognized.

The Sky

The sky just can't do wrong. It is always so unique and breathtaking. And the best part is that it is aways there above us sharing it's sightliness.

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Not only how important they are for the world makes them so special, but also their detailed beauty, great variety and soft texture.

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Don't you love the feeling of a hot drink between your hands and a cozy blanket over you? Or the heartwarming sensation of a hug?

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Skin Marks

Never forget that each part of us makes us beautiful in our own ways. Marks are proof of our stories and their are worthy of our love and appreciation.

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The list could go on and on but for now I think this is a good start. I hope the message was transmitted and now more people will actualy see things.
If you are interested about this I recommend you to search about Van Gogh he has such an amazing point of view about life's beauty, his phrases and works are a proof of it.