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Lately I've seen so many articles with this cute challenge. Basically consist to use pictures to describe my self or aspects of my life. I thought would be nice to make you know or understand more about me.
So, why not?

Here we go.
  • Style
fashion, adidas, and jeans image fashion, outfit, and jeans image girl, grunge, and style image shoes, fashion, and pink image
  • Color
orange image aesthetic, beautiful, and fashion image balloons, orange, and party image nice, orange, and love image
  • Passions
work, home, and study image girl, nature, and travel image marble, makeup, and organized image girl, music, and grunge image
  • Animal
dolphin, pink, and animal image dolphin, water, and animal image dolphin, summer, and animal image dolphin, ocean, and sea image
  • Food
girl, pizza, and food image breakfast, food, and coffee image food, healthy, and salad image food, breakfast, and healthy image
  • Personality
quotes, grunge, and jared leto image quotes, show, and grunge image
cody, happy, and disney image
  • Dreams & Goals
mountains, travel, and winter image aesthetic image rose, tattoo, and fashion image friends, fun, and gay image
  • A book
book, pink, and pastel image baudelaire, book, and death image blues, baudelaire, and book image quotes, amour, and love image
  • A movie
hero, quotes, and grunge image emma watson, smile, and logan lerman image logan lerman, emma watson, and the perks of being a wallflower image emma watson, logan lerman, and movie image
  • Lifestyle
book, girl, and coffee image art, awesome, and beauty image study, article, and college image bar, light, and neon image

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This was #ThisIsMeChallenge, hope you had fun reading/watching it

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