Ciao, hearters.

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Lately I've seen so many articles with this cute challenge. Basically consist to use pictures to describe my self or aspects of my life. I thought would be nice to make you know or understand more about me.
So, why not?

Here we go.
  • Style
adidas bag black boots
  • Color
Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb
  • Passions
home blonde marble blonde
  • Animal
animal animal animal animal
  • Food
fashion bed delicious breakfast
  • Personality
feeling grunge
alone, happy, and quotes image
  • Dreams & Goals
mountains article fashion fun
  • A book
book Superthumb baudelaire amour
  • A movie
grunge emma watson book charlie
  • Lifestyle
blonde Superthumb article bar

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This was #ThisIsMeChallenge, hope you had fun reading/watching it

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