hey hearters, welcome back to another article! before I start, I want to thank all of you who supported and hearted my last travel article! it really means a lot!

don't worry, this isn't another new year goals! article. I just wanted to take the time to list everywhere I've traveled to outside of the US (cause that's where I live!) and where I plan to go. hope you enjoy!


where i've been

  • paris, france
france image paris, travel, and france image
  • london, england
london, travel, and Big Ben image london, city, and bus image
  • rome, italy
rome, travel, and italy image
  • barcelona, spain
white, architecture, and city image city, architecture, and travel image
  • caribbean islands
background, caribe, and coco image Caribbean, nature, and barbados image

where I want to be

  • istanbul, turkey
istanbul, city, and turkey image mosque, istanbul, and turkey image
  • amsterdam, netherlands
amsterdam, city, and travel image
  • prague, czech republic
city, czech republic, and europe image prague, building, and city image
  • moscow, russia
fashion image city, travel, and architecture image
  • budapest, hungary
architecture, budapest, and exploring image
  • copenhagen, denmark
copenhagen, denmark, and house image amazing, architecture, and beautiful image
  • warsaw, poland
photography, autumn, and vintage image warsaw, vintage, and city image


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