The #ShowThatSmile Project Tag

By Probablyancientbeauty

"Show that lovely smile of yours!"

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So let’s start off simple. I’m a teen who has a passion for arts, media and of course blogging but hiding behind a screen doesn’t mean I’m always the happy and cheerful person I seem to be. Yes, I’m a human being like you but let’s talk about what makes me happy.

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You know what makes me happy? You guys. You are lovely people and I love getting positive feedback for you all! I also have a pet who shows so much love it’s actually funny to see him do twirls etc. But most importantly family and friends. These are the people who make me smile everyday without trying!

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So, I don’t really pay attention to what I love about myself, in fact I never really cared. I am who I am and I’m grateful for that. I’m also not a confident person as people have always put me down for trying. Like in class when I raise my hand I get laughed at, also I get into food fights A LOT but hey, they’re actually fun and I’ve never gotten a detention for it..... please note I’m not intending that getting into food fights is good idea in fact it’s probably a really stupid idea.

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My favourite part of my body will have to be my eyes. I get many compliments on how aqua they are and how long my lashes are.

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Even if your not a confident person, whether it be your looks or your personalities you are perfect. Don’t let people bring you down for even trying to get out there.

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Remember if you're not smiling you're doing it wrong!
- Probablyancientbeauty