I have suffered from anxiety for 4 years now and I know how you are feeling. Through the years I found some ways to calm this anxiety in a natural way and I want to share this tips with you.

The first tip sounds so typical but its one of the most important and the one that helps me the most: BREATHE.
If you are going through an anxiety attack stand up and change the position you are in the moment, sit on the floor or in the bed, close your eyes and try not think I know its super hard at the beginning. Breathe in and breathe out suuuuper slow. Count to 10 and then open your eyes, if you are not feeling better try again harder.

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The second tip is, clear your mind, put on some music, go for a walk, READ!!!! it helps me a lot to read, watch some series to have your mind somewhere else.

Here´s an article with books that are really good and you should give them a try.

TREAT YOURSELF. Have a relaxing bath watching some Netflix, treat your hair, create a pumper routine. If your body feels good and relaxed you will too.

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And finally, there are some plants that can help you to treat anxiety, talk to your doctor and always ask for something natural!!!!!